We help you validate, test, and pull from many sources when integrating with companies sending you data in CSV files.

Use it for:

Sending your ecommerce orders to your shipping and logistics company.

Combining ecommerce orders from different marketplaces and channels.

Receiving product inventory information from your customers.

Gathering public credit data for evaluating small business loans.

Reduce time to integrate.

Stop wrangling data and parse errors.

Your time is better spent on your job or business. Not with nitty gritty edge cases for data.

Forget back-and-forth emails when integration testing.

CSV gets cleaned according to your business rules. Get feedback on the validity of incoming CSV immediately.

Integrate with API-less companies.

Grow your business. Don’t let a lack of partner software developers be a barrier to working together.

Increase confidence in your data quality.

Enforce clean data to your data store.

Add custom rules to support your business logic.

Notify when source changes or goes offline.

Anomaly detection and alerting for everyone.

See health of your data flow at any time.

Dashboard to observe the data flowing through.

How it works.

Connect to your source.

  • Connectors with variety of sources: Email, FTP, HTTP, S3.
  • Fetchers continuously monitor for changes.
  • Archive incoming files into your S3 bucket for replay.

Validate and transform your data.

  • Set normalizations and enforce complex types like addresses and phone numbers.
  • Handle failure according to your policies: all-or-nothing or best effort.

Monitor data quality collaboratively.

  • Anomaly detection and alerting for source going offline.
  • Monitoring dashboard to observe the health of your data pipeline.

Send data to where you need it.

  • Support for a variety of formats and encodings: Excel sheets, CSV, TSV.
  • Support for the most common data stores: Postgres, Mysql, S3.

CSV seems easy on the surface.

Parsing a CSV is easy, until you have to deal with human errors, formatting, non-ASCII characters, european dates and numbers, and updated the schema. We take care of that.

Keep your existing tools.

We have connectors to odd or antiquated sources. We have connectors to load into your existing data stores. And APIs/libraries to control from your favorite programming language.

Easy debugging.

Cron jobs and task queues are unreliable and hard to debug. With us, you don’t have to build your own metrics/monitoring/dashboard in addition to your parsing code.

Keep stakeholders happy.

Your stakeholders want to know about the state of your data. Sending around CSVs and pulling logs is annoying. Your boss/customer support reps/etc can just login and view the data in an Excel like fashion.


Large CSV file processing isn’t a problem. We're able to scale up to your needs and be quick about it.

Designed by experience.

We’re engineers who have built scalable data pipelines before and have felt the pain.

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